Palin in Philly? A report from Independence Mall

As a crush of news media vans eagerly awaits Sarah Palin’s arrival in
Philadelphia, where many speculate she will visit the Liberty Bell as a
part of her multi-state bus tour, the GOP pitbull-in-lipstick is again keeping spectators waiting.

“I read rumors in the paper, same as you did, but we have not heard
anything from her about a possible visit,” said one park ranger at
Independence Mall.

Palin’s camp has kept mum about her tour’s itinerary, but Twitter was
abuzz mere minutes ago with pictures of the possible presidential
candidate at a coffee shop in Dillsburg after she departed from
Gettysburg early this morning.

Dillsburg is roughly two and a half hours from Philadelphia, so that may
mean a long wait for those gathered, which so far consists of media
members rather than Palin supporters.

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