Pancakes & Booze comes to Philly

This Saturday, feed your belly and your hunger for art at Pancakes & Booze — a traveling art show that features visual artists, photographers, live music and of course, all you can eat pancakes and an open bar. This year’s Philly show will feature over 75 local artists.

Pancakes & Booze was founded seven years ago by Tom Kirlin, a former cameraman from Los Angeles.

<p>The Don’t Care Bears</p>
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<p>The Don’t Care Bears</p>
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<p>Krissy Whiski with one of her Bowie-inspired pieces</p>
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<p>Krissy Whiski with one of her Bowie-inspired pieces</p>
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<p>“I was getting burned out from the grind so I opened a small film/video studio. For fun, I began curating art shows in the space on off days and just incorporated the pancakes and booze idea. People really responded to it,” he says. “Who doesn’t like pancakes, booze and art?”</p>
<p>The show currently takes place in 35 cities around the world, highlighting artists within each local community.</p>
<p>The curator for this year’s Philly show, Derek Keel, says his favorite part about Pancakes and Booze is the diversity of the art. “From body painting and sculpting to 2D and 3D art — there’s something for everybody’s taste at this show,” he notes.</p>
<p>One of its participants is <a href=Krissy Whiski — a contemporary pop surrealist artist currently living in Amish Country. “I rent from the Amish in Gap [Pennsylvania] and visit Philly all the time,” she says. “It gives me the freedom to pursue my artwork without the cost.”

Using mostly acrylics, she sometimes throws glitter into the mix and draws inspiration from pop culture as well as her own family.

“I like to use my imagination and tap into fantasy realms. ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland ‘are huge influences. Also my kids. I have a three-year-old and a nine-year-old. Sometimes their ideas inspire my work,” she reveals.

And what will Krissy Whiski be showing at Pancakes & Booze?

“I’ll be displaying some surreal pieces I’ve come up with. Ice cream babies is a series I’m doing right now— baby heads on ice cream cones. Then I have baby T-Rexes and Don’t Care Bears.”

(The Don’t Care Bears are a definite must for any sad office cubicle needing some color.)

Finally, how about the pancakes?

Turns out, there’s a full-on pancake bar with all sorts of fixins for attendees like strawberries, blueberries, bananas and chocolate chips.

Both Keel and Whiski recommend doing the blueberry and banana combo — but don’t worry, you can totally wait in line for seconds.

If you go:

Pancakes & Booze
Saturday, Jan. 14
8 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Underground Arts
1200 Callowhill St.
$5 to $10

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