Pantsless DUI suspect with ‘cop fantasy’ tried to seduce trooper with roses

A pantsless Altoona woman allegedly told a state trooper she had a “cop fantasy” and tried to seduce him while he questioned her about a DUI, the Altoona Mirror reported.

State troopers visited the home of Monica Barnhart, 40, to ask her about a March 20 incident in which a motorist saw a car swerving across both lanes of I-99 in Logan Township at high rates of speed. After calling police, the driver followed the car to Barnhart’s home and saw a woman fitting her description going inside.

When police visited the residence to follow up, Barnhart allegedly stood in her doorway clad only in a shirt and underpants, reeking of alcohol and holding two yellow roses, which she told the trooper were for him as part of her “cop fantasy.”

The officer denied the flowers and took Barnhart into custody after ensuring she put her pants back on. The woman was found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.356 and eventually admitted to driving the offending car.

She is charged with DUI and due in court May 15.

[h/t Hot Pennsyltucky Mess]

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