Penn may be banned from Fado after wild women’s lacrosse team party

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The popular Center City Irish pub Fado is not laughing about a wild night of partying this weekend by the University of Pennsylvania’s women’s lacrosse team, which reportedly left the bar severely damaged.

The bar’s general manager contacted The Daily Pennsylvanian and Penn Athletics officials to complain that more than 50 people came to Fado for a women’s lacrosse team party on Saturday, March 29, and did considerable damage to the respected and popular pub, the Daily Pennsylvanian reported.

Among the details include the fact that partygoers broke a light fixture, then “cheered about it ‘yeah!'” Fado general manager Casey Neff reportedly said in an emailed complaint.

Another female partygoer reportedly exposed her genitals, reportedly resulting in the “adulation of the rest of the party,” according to Neff’s complaint.

People there for the party reportedly smoked marijuana in the bathroom, stole a bottle of liquor from the bar, tried to steal a six-pack of beer, and tipped less than 4 percent on a $1,300 tab, according to the complaint.

Neff reportedly said that Fado will not file criminal charges but is asking the school to compensate the bar for damages to their facilities.

Fado is considering banning Penn groups from booking parties at the bar. Parties by Penn’s Wharton School have already been banned due to previous incidents where members of Wharton parties reportedly used cocaine in the bathroom, had sex in the janitor’s closet and urinated on the bar.

Penn’s Athletic Department is reportedly investigating the incident.

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