People in Philadelphia, L.A. drop the most F-bombs on Twitter

Philadelphia and Los Angeles may be worlds apart in terms of culture, celebrities and fandom, but apparently the two major metros have something in common: their Twitter users drop a lot of F-bombs.

A new project called “Twitter heatmap” shows the rudest and most polite users of social media by scanning 462 locations in the United States for the phrases “Good morning” and “F–k you.” The heatmap was created by Ukraine-based firm Vertaline.

The “Good morning” maps are based on tweets from June 20 to July 1, while the “F–k you” maps were done from July 14 through July 24.

While the maps don’t show exact locations, they allow us to draw a few conclusions:

– So-Cal and the Philadelphia-metropolitan area has some of the most active Twitter users. Not only did they register the highest concentration of “F–k you,” but also the highest concentration of “Good morning.”

– People in North Texas apparently use Twitter to say “Good morning” a lot. The area was brighter than Rudolph the Reindeer’s nose for the key phrase.

– It appears that people in Fargo, N.D., have never heard of a Twitter or are still figuring out how to work the darn thing.

Click here to check the whole thing out for yourself.

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