Philadelphia among top 10 best cities for singles

After being named fattest, poorest, most depressed, least attractive, and worst for both men and women, Philadelphians have finally rated on a favorable list.

According to Kiplinger Magazine, Philadelphia is in the top 10 best cities for singles, clocking in at a solid number six.

The rating took into account the city’s population, percentage of unmarried households, cost of living, median household income and an average date-night tab.

Though their lead makes us bristle: “Think of Philadelphia as the cheaper alternative to New York or D.C. Thousands of singles see it that way already,” the rest of their assessment is spot-on.

College students have flocked to the city’s downtown area since 2000, comprising a 57 percent jump, and we are retaining more of them after graduation due to “trendy neighborhoods and high incomes at companies such as Comcast and Sunoco,” the magazine said.

One in two Philadelphians is unmarried, one in five is between 20 and 34 and one in three hold at least a bachelor’s degree, Kiplinger pointed out.

The magazine identified Northern Liberties, Fishtown and Fairmount as places where young people “congregate,” to which we’d like to add East Passyunk Crossing and Point Breeze / Newbold (if by “young people” you mean “hipsters,” which are, to be fair, often coterminous).

[h/t Flying Kite Media]

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