Philadelphia-bound flight evacuated after fluid leak

Wikimedia Commons

Passengers of American Airlines flight 1822 were forced to evacuate the aircraft on Thursday afternoon. The flight was leaving West Palm Beach International Airport destined for Philadelphia.

The emergency slide was deployed at 2:40 pm after crew noticed fluid leaking from the airbus 320 while taxiing and preparing for takeoff, according to ABC25 West Palm Beach. The fluid was presumed to be fuel, but the FAA has not yet confirmed, according to CBS3 Philadelphia.

Eric Moore, a passenger on the flight, told CNN that the evacuating passengers were not calm at the time of the emergency. Moore also said he was later told the leak was hydraulic fluid.

No injuries were reported to the FAA, but 17 people were treated for itchy skin and burning eyes, ABC25 reported.

The flight was canceled and has been rescheduled for Friday.

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