Philadelphia City Council votes to denounce Donald Trump


Philadelphia City Council has a message for Donald Trump: we do not like you.

Council voted in favor of a resolution to formally denounce Trump during their last session before the summer break Thursday.

City Councilwoman Helen Gym introduced the resolution. She celebrated the passage as “condeming Donald Trump’s hate speech.”

The resolution claimed Trump was responsible for “racist persecution of a sitting federal judge,” and said that he “advanced xenophobic foreign policies by stoking an irrational fear of immigrants,” “demeaned women,” and “attacked Islam and Judaism.”

The resolution passed Council 14-3. Council ‘s three Republicans, Al Taubenberger , Brian J. O’Neill and David Oh, did not vote in favor of the resolution, saying they did not support Council taking a stance on a candidate’s political statements.

While Trump is almost universallydespised in Philadelphia, he has strong support across the state and recent polls show him just barelytrailing Hillary Clinton.

Read the full text of the resolution here.

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