Philadelphia kindergartner finds bag of cocaine in classmate’s backpack


A six-year-old kindergartner from the Mastery Charter’s Hardy Williams Elementary School located in Southwest Philadelphia found a bag of cocaine in a fellow classmate’s backpack on Wednesday and mistook the drugs for sugar.

The young girl found the drugs in the bag of a young boy while she was in the classroom, Philadelphia police reported when discussing the scary and extremely dangerous incident.

“She put the actual bag in her mouth and was chewing it,” said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker. “Fortunately, she didn’t break the actual seal.”

Luckily, the young girl’s teacher spotted her with the bag. Quick to act, the teacher took the bag away from the kindergartner immediately, suspecting it was drugs. The teacher then called the local police and notified the Department of Homeland Security.

Police arrived at the school shortly after 1:30 p.m. to investigate the incident. Both kindergartners where brought to the nurse’s office and checked for any signs or symptoms of ingestion. They were cleared and sent home.

A grandparent of the six-year-old kindergarten boy who had drugs in his bag did not know how the child ended up with the substance.

“How does that even get in her book bag?” said Anthony Richardson. “Police will have a thorough investigation, hopefully everything is good.”

All of the bags of the kindergarten class that consists of 25 students were checked following the incident as a precaution. Police have since informed the public that they do not believe the drugs came from the home of the kindergartner.

Police have informed the parents of all of the students to bring their child to the hospital immediately if they notice anything unusual.

Philadelphia police are still working to determine where the drugs may have come from and do not believe it came from the home of the six-year-old boy.

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