Philadelphia realtor releases painfully awkward ad parodying ‘Call Me Maybe’

Philadelphia RE/MAX realtor Liz Lutz has released an ad in the form of a painfully awkward / awkwardly funny spoof of Carly Rae Jepsen’s maddeningly catchy tween hit “Call Me Maybe.”

According to Philadelphia Weekly, Lutz formerly worked in their sales department and is – and I quote – “waaayyy loony.” Though the video chooses a different set of adjectives to describe her, Powerpoint-style: “creative, responsive, persistent, reliable, consistent.”

She’s sure got the “creative” part down. And, given the number of hits the video’s gotten since it was posted three days ago – 2,160 and counting – someone might just call her. Maybe.

In case you want to take her up on her offer (or need a partner to dance up the Art Museum steps with), her number is:

[h/t Around Philly]

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