Philadelphians would choose butter over football?

Philadelphians would choose butter over football? | Provided

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, one would think that turkey and football are the stars of the day, but according to a recent survey by Keller’s Creamery, it would seem that butter is the unsung favorite.

They found that 50% of Philadelphians would rather miss out on a season of the Philadelphia Eagles, 26% would rather  go without beer and wine for the rest of their 2017 holiday parties and 22% would rather give up cheesesteak for a year, than not have butter at Thanksgiving.


It even turns out that last year during Thanksgiving season, Philadelphians bought 2.5 million pounds of butter, which roughly equates to 10 million sticks. That also amounts to running the Rocky steps 28,693 times.

You “butter” believe it — that’s a lot of butter.

But when taking a closer look at the survey, only 717 Philadelphians were surveyed online for this by Survata and given that Philadelphia is made up of more than 1.5 million people, you might want to take your stick of butter with a grain of salt. 

As far as how much butter was bought last season, however, that’s based on cold, hard industry data. Looks like a lot of us should be making plans to run the Rocky steps from now through the new year to keep up with all those calories.  

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