PhilaU’s degree a healthy choice

Adults returning to school are often doing it for career reasons: They either need a degree to advance in — or keep — their current job, or they want to change fields. The accelerated degree program at Philadelphia University is designed to help with either goal.

“Our Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is perfect for someone already working in emergency services — like a paramedic, who already has a certificate or associate’s degree, but who wants to get into more of a leadership role,” says Frank Congdon, executive director of continuing and professional studies at Philadelphia University.

“We can also help someone who wants to switch careers, but they don’t have the right bachelor’s degree to get into the master’s program they need. They could use the health sciences degree to get the prerequisites they need to apply for occupational therapy school, for instance,” he says.

The program is for adults at least 23 years old who already have 60 college credits with a C average or better, but they will accept candidates with as few as 30 credits in some cases. The university offers five eight-week terms per year, with classes meeting weekday evenings and some Saturdays.

Although some classes have an online component, they’re mostly in-person.

“With no more than 24 people in a class, students appreciate the individual attention,” Congdon says.

Have dreams of running a hospital?

PhilaU also offers a B.S. in Heath Services Management for health care practitioners who want to move into hospital administration. Other students may want to switch from the clinical side to the business side.

For instance, a person with an associate’s degree in surgical assisting might want to get a job selling equipment to hospitals.

“The degree prepares people to work in the various industries that serve the health care profession,” Congdon adds.

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