Philebrity called us ‘cruddy’ but we don’t care, we’re helping animals!

In case you missed it last night, Metro Philly on Twitter had a little fun with our fellow Philly media buddies over at Philebrity.

When they called our Black Friday tips story “garbage,” the war was on.

But this war ended positively! Philebrity called on Metro — and Philadelphia Weekly who joined in the fray — to focus on what really matters this holiday season: helping others.

Earlier this week, Metro Philadelphia kicked off its yearly campaign “Tony’s Metro Magic.” We’ve started a massive Toys R Us wish list for people to buy gifts off of and they will be sent directly to our offices. Those toys (last year, we lost count at 200 gifts) will be donated to Toys for Tots and to the Institute of the Development of African American Youth, based in North Philadelphia.

Go here and click on the widget that says: Tony’s Meto Magic — Click here to buy toys for kids in Philadelphia!

This year, thanks to Philebrity’s sass (OK, we gave the sass right back), we’re teaming up with local animal shelters in our Giving Back section on Nov. 19. The specifics of the deal aren’t quite worked out yet but rest assured, Philebrity and Metro Philly are talking beyond Twitter.

This holiday season — and all year round — don’t forget about the humans — and animals — that need our help. And if our “cruddy” Black Friday article actually DOES apply to you, pick up a few extra pair of $5 pajama pants to donate to a local family in need.

Oh, and we made it to Buzzfeed.

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