Phillies’ Cole Hamels expects to be traded

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There have been Cole Hamels trade rumors for a while now. And the reports continue to come back with musings about the Phillies asking for too much in return, or that Hamels wants to stay put in Philly (where his family and foundation are deeply entrenched in the community).

But during an interview this weekend on SiriuxXM’s MLB Network Radio, it almost sounded like Hamels now expects to be traded to a contender.

“It’s unfortunate, but all great teams have that season or drought for a couple of years and then they start to rebuild,” Hamels said. “I know I’m young enough to be able to go out there and play, and I love playing in the city of Philadelphia. Nothing but the best. The fans have been great; the organization has been great to me. But I do understand that baseball is a game that will go on, even after I’m done playing.So you have to put that in perspective and not really be too down about it. It’s something, where if it does happen, I completely understand. Hopefully there will be a time when I can come back before my career is over. But, at the same time, it’s a business. It’s baseball.”

​So not only is he ready to be traded and “go to a team that wants to win,” as he said on air, he also hopes after he is traded he can one day come back to Philly.

Jumping the gun a bit perhaps?

Hamels has been passed over, trade-wise at least, for several other pitchers with easier contract situations and lower prices with regard to prospects expected in exchange.

The 30-year old told radio listeners that “winning trumps everything,” implying pretty sternly that Hamels intends to waive his 21-team limited no-trade clause.

The slow demise of the Phillies’ NL East powerhouse was something Hamels said he and his teammates saw coming. And now that it’s finally over, Hamels is ready to be a part of a new powerhouse.

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