Philly bad boy is back to make us laugh


He’s not for the faint of heart.

Philly’s brash, brutish, Big Jay Oakerson launches a new comedy show this week, “What’s Your F@%ing Deal?,” and he’s pulling no punches.

The show, which features comedy comrades Hannibal Buress, Colin Quinn, Andy Kindler and many more, will air on NBC’s new streaming comedy channel Seeso, on March 17.

Long-locked and foul-mouthed, Oakerson hails from the City of Brotherly Love, despite his reputation for dirty joke delivery and offensive one-liners at the outset. He even co-hosts a podcast called, “The Most Offensive Podcast on Earth.”

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Asked what it’s now like to work with some of the comedians he’s looked up to in his earlier years, Oakerson said it’s nice to see them “off the cuff.”

“What’s beautiful is even the comedians you’ve seen before, and you know their style, they’re incredibly talented people, and for the first time, some of them are completely working of the cuff. You get to see their quick-witted thoughts. It’s a reminder of how they work,” he told Metro during a recent interview.

“I’ve always been a dirty comic, so my mind always is more blue or edgier.”

Oakerson was 19 when a friend of his suggested he get into comedy in Philadelphia.

He started off doing shows at the now-shuttered Laff House on South Street, which became well known for headlining black comics and helped make famous funny men Kevin Hart and Deon Cole, among others.

“I started showing up every week and looking for other open mics around the all-black circuit…was doing that for about two years,” said Oakerson.

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“Then I met Keith Robinson, who mentored me around New York.”

Although he now lives in East Village, New York City, Oakerson said his Philly roots will be reflected in his upcoming show. Don’t be surprised to hear his accent pop up every now and again.

“I always have love for Philadelphia – my sports teams,” said Oakerson.

“I pay $300 for the NFL sports package to watch the Eagles have a horrible season, but every time, where you’re from comes up a lot, because people ask me questions, and I definitely don’t try and shy away from that.”

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