Philly charter school apologizes for allowing profane Instagram sensation ATown to perform for kids

Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School

Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School saysit develops young “leaders by empowering scholars to change the factors that define their reality.” Yesterday, that empowerment involved an assembly by an “Internet celebrity” named Allan Sherrod known mostly for talking jovially about anilingus and smoking substances on camera.

Famous asInstagram sensation ATown or atown0705, Sherrodroutinely posts videos remarking on sexual acts, including one in which he talks about a picture of a woman’s buttocks by saying, “I would eat that ass like groceries.” In another video, ATown is seen smoking something passed to him and exhaling a thick blue cloud. That video’s caption reads, “Dam that shit was strong bro.”

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Generally, ATown’s videos are nonsensical, guttural sounds interspersed with references to genitals, drug use, and explicit sexual acts. One of his most famous “acts” involves his “birdcall.” ATown regularly refers to women as “birds.”

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