Philly cop arrested, fired for stealing $38: Police

A Philadelphia police officer was arrested Friday with intent to dismiss after allegedly stealing $38.

Officer Michael Winkler, 36, is charged with robbery, theft, harassment, false imprisonment and related charges, according to police.

Winkler had previously hired two men through Craigslist to perform work on one of his properties, promising money and pizza. But on May 5, Winkler lured the two men to a property on the 700 block of Newportville Road in Bristol Township, and demanded one of the males give Winkler all the money in his pockets. Winkler took approximately $38 from the handyman.

According to a criminal complaint, Winkler had paidNathaniel Carter and Darrell Johnson $600 to clean the property, but there was more work than they had originally agreed upon, so Carter left the job unfinished.

In the document, Carter claims he tried to renegotiate with Winkler. Winkler then pushed Carter to the ground, demanding a refund and threatened to send Carter to jail.

Winkler, who was driving an unmarkedcity vehicle, went through Carter’s pockets and took $38 in cash.

Winkler, a 16-year veteran of the force, also called 911 and asked responding officers to arrest Carter.

Several days later, Winkler was placed on desk duty and had his gun taken away while police investigated the incident, according to Philly Mag.

In 2011, the officer was involved in a federal lawsuit that was eventually dismissed. A Philadelphia man accused Winkler of breaking into his home without a warrant and assaulting him.

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