Philly cop arrested for attack outside Dunkin’ Donuts

APhiladelphia police officer is under arrest for assaulting two peopleoutside aDunkin’ Donuts, authorities said.

Joseph Marion,39, was charged withsimple assault and recklessly endangering another person in the Feb. 14 incident.

That day, according to police,Marion wasoutside of the Dunkin’ Donuts at 1630 E. Wadsworth Ave. when a worker who wasapplying salt with a shopping cartlost control of the cart and struck a vehicle.Marion thenexited the vehicle and began assaulting the man.

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A woman who tried to intervenewas also assaulted.

Following an investigation by the Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office,Marion, along with being arrested, was alsosuspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss. The officer is a four-year veteran of the department, assigned to the 25th District.

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