Philly cop charged in Baltimore drug-running scandal


A Philadelphia police officer formerly with the Baltimore City police department was charged Tuesday with corruption for allegedly participating in a gun and narcotics sales scheme.

Troy Snell, 33, was arrested Tuesday by federal prosecutors and charged with possessing cocaine and heroin with intent to sell.

A Baltimore cop until 2008 before going on to join the Philly police force in 2014, Snell allegedly helped accomplices who included Baltimore police sell cocaine and heroin seized by Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force.

Snell allegedly used his brother to sell more than nine ounces of cocaine seized from a suspect arrested after an Oct. 3, 2016 pursuit, and also helped set up the sale of 80 grams of heroin, federal prosecutors say. Thousands of dollars of profit were allegedly earned from the sales.

Snell’s alleged co-conspirator Detective Jemell Rayam was arrested in June. After his arrest, prosecutors claim, Snell allegedly told him over a prison phone to “stand tall” and offered to “keep an eye” on Rayam’s children, which was perceived as a threat if Rayam testified against Snell. Rayam has since pleaded guilty to federal charges.

Snell’s attorneys could not be reached for comment. A three-year veteran of the force currently with the 35th district, Snell has been suspended from the police department for 30 days within intent to dismiss, the department said.

Snell’s next hearing is scheduled for Nov. 17. He could face up to 20 years in prison.

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