Philly election officials plead guilty

Three women charged with fraud while working at Philadelphia election stations during recent May primarieshave pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

Robin Trainor, 56,Lisandra Casanova, 57,and Cheryl Jamison (also known asCheryl Ali), 57, were each sentenced to a year of probation after pleading guilty on Wednesday to misdemeanor charges of election code violations, the Daily News reported.

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D.A. Seth Williams’ Election Fraud Task Force announced charges against the women in June.

Trainoradmitted that while serving as judge of a polling place at Castor Avenue and Cayuga Street,she went into the voting booth with her husband and told him who to vote for during the May primary.

She then cast a vote in the name of her son, who was absent, all without objection from Murtaugh, theminority elections inspector at the polling place and a witness to the above acts.

Trainor also was not allowed to be a judge because she was a public employee.

Jamison was charged over a May 2014 incident in which she admitted casting a vote for her mother, who was ill. Ali was working as a voting machine inspector at the 36th Ward, Division 8 polling place in Point Breeze. Ali also reportedly did not live in the region of that division.

The three pleaded guilty under an agreement with prosecutors that saw charges against them dropped from felony to misdemeanor charges.

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