Philly finally gets edible cookie dough

You may have first heard about the edible cookie dough trend sweeping New York earlier this year and lucky for you, Philadelphia has finally jumped on the edible cookie dough bandwagon which is quickly becoming this summer’s most popular new treat. 

With shops like Pamcakes in Rittenhouse and Baked Cookies and Dough in West Chester serving up their own sugary scoops, Sweet Box’s recently launched line of edible cookie dough, Doughlicious, really goes all out, offering a range of flavors for all kinds of cookie dough connoisseurs.

  “I’ve been scraping cookie dough from the back of my whisks and spatulas for as long as I’ve been baking,” says Sweet Box founder Gretchen Fantini.  “Once I heard about a few local ready-to-eat flours, I couldn’t wait to serve a safely edible version at Sweet Box and I think I’ve finally perfected the recipe.”

Served in adorable cups, the scoops of cookie dough resemble ice cream but pack a much sweeter (and denser) punch. Luckily they give you cute little spoons to slowly savor this decadent treat, which lasts up to a week refrigerated. (Remember, no eggs!)


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The flavors are listed below: 

OG: Sweet Box’s signature original cookie dough.

Campfire: OG with buttery graham cracker crumble, swirls of fluff and toasted marshmallows.

Birthday Cake: white chocolate chip cookie dough, swirls of cake batter, sprinkles

Cookies-n-Cream: Oreo cookie dough, crushed Oreo pieces

Cheesecake: OG, swirls of cheesecake, buttery graham cracker crumble

Peanut Butter Fluffalicious: peanut butter cookie dough, swirls of fluff, chocolate and peanut butter chips

They also have Cookie Dough Pops which is the original cookie dough covered in a scratch-made magic chocolate shell, which seems to be pretty popular with foodies on Instagram.

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