Philly Fox affilliate: discount haircut mishap

screenshot, fox 29

Fox 29 has a story about a thought that has crossed the mind of every bargain hunter: You might just be getting what you pay for.

Southwest Philly’s Deborah Frazier went to a beauty school to get a $12 haircut for Mother’s Day. She’d been going there for years, but knew there was a problem this time when they refused to give her a mirror to check out the progress mid-cut.

“This is no type of… Is this a style?” Frazier told reporter Bruce Gordon, after he convinced her to take off the scarf covering her head.

Instructors rushed over to use dye to remove a bald spot. Empire Beauty School offered her a free haircut.

Frazier refused that offer, Gordon reported.

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

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