Philly is installing speed cameras Roosevelt Boulevard

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The city of Philly announced that they will be installing eight automated speed enforcement cameras at locations across Roosevelt Boulevard. 

After far too many high-speed crashes, they’ve decided enough is enough, and they want to make the massive 12-lane highway safer for everyone. 

“Traffic deaths in Philadelphia are preventable and never acceptable,” said Mayor Jim Kenney in a release.

Kenney added, “Adding automated speed cameras on the Boulevard is one of the most effective steps that we can take to eliminate traffic deaths. With the installation of these cameras, we continue to make progress on our Vision Zero efforts to eliminate traffic fatalities in Philadelphia by 2030.”

The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) Executive Director Scott Petri told ABC that, “We will begin installing and administering a total of 32-speed enforcement cameras at eight locations along Roosevelt Blvd immediately.” 

It was reported that the cameras will clock driver’s speed throughout a bit of the highway. Any individual caught driving over 11 miles per hours over the speed limit will get a ticket via mail. 

ABC reports that drivers going somewhere from 11-19 mph over the speed limit can be subjected to a $100 fine. If people are driving 20-29 miles above the limit, they will be fined $125. If drivers go over 30 mph above the limit, they will be fined $150. 

A press release states that these violations will not add points to an individual’s driving record. 

A release states that there will be a 60-day warning period before fines are issued.

Below are a list of locations, where the next eight automated speed enforcement cameras will be located: 

-Roosevelt Boulevard and Banks Way

-Roosevelt Boulevard and F Street

-Roosevelt Boulevard and Deveraux Street

-Roosevelt Boulevard and Harbison Avenue

-Roosevelt Boulevard and Strahle Street

-Roosevelt Boulevard and Grant Avenue

-Roosevelt Boulevard and Red Lion Road (near Whitten Street)

-Roosevelt Boulevard and Southampton Road ( near Horning Road)

Besides the addition of speed cameras, red-light cameras have also been beneficial in reducing traffic violations. 

Petri said in a press release that, “the Boulevard already has nine intersections that are monitored by red-light cameras. As a result, red-light running has been dramatically decreased on the Boulevard at red light camera intersections by 58% since 2005.”

Petri added that, “We believe red light cameras save lives — and we believe the installation of speed enforcement cameras along Roosevelt Boulevard will save more lives.”

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