Philly Mayor’s legacy — and resume — come together in ‘Book of Nutter’

Rikard Larma/Metro

It’s part-resume, part-legacy defender.
It’s The Book of Nutter.
When mayors and governors and presidents enter their final year in office, the men and women vying to succeed them often run as if the incumbent is on the ticket.
Philly Mayor Michael Nutter should know. He did it to ex-Mayor John Street.
So before any of the wannabes do it to him, Nutter is handing out, to anyone who will read, a long list of accomplishments, and giving speeches on the same subject to anyone who will listen.
Nutter believes, “the city’s residents don’t know the complete story of his time as mayor and can’t get it from the occasional newspaper story, website post, or television report,” the Inquirer reports.
And expert’s say, the mayor is playing things fairly straight, including the continued dismal levels of poverty.
“The mayor is 57. This is not his last job,” the paper writes.
“It won’t be. It can’t be. I can’t afford it,” he tells the paper.

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