Philly police raid wrong home, take innocent people into custody

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A Southwest Philadelphia family’s home was mistakenly raided by police and three were taken into custody before authorities realized they were at the wrong residence.

On Wednesday around 2:30 a.m. on the 6000 block of Elmwood Avenue, police looking for individuals in an earlier home invasion raided a house they wrongly believed to contain the suspects, leading to an injured resident and a police apology, 6ABC reported.

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Police took three of the residents into custody before officials realized they were not the suspects authorities were seeking, CBS3 reported. Police said that the individuals they were looking for had worn face masks, creating extra confusion.

The family who lives in the raided home was upset because their door was broken and one man suffered a bruise in the incident, 6ABC added.

While police have stated that none of those taken into custody were the suspects who remain at large, authorities said they would not release further details until later on Thursday, The Associated Press reported.

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“[An officer] said that, ‘We had you mistaken for someone else,’ and it was all a misunderstanding, and they were going to get us a ride home,” resident Michael Jardine said to 6ABC. “I just still feel like it shouldn’t have never gotten that far — you coming in our house, drawing guns.”

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