Philly Police unveil new website to help solve murder cases in area

crime tape

Acting Police Commissioner Christine M. Coulter promised in her speech earlier this week that she was planning on combating violence in Philly. She remains true to that promise with the reveal of

According to the, acting Police Commissioner Coulter stated,

“The members of this department and I are committed to supporting victims of crime and their families. I cannot imagine a crime that is more devastating to an entire family, and frankly to a community, than murder. Families, friends and communities are forever changed when someone they know or love is killed. We believe every victim deserves justice, and their families, friends and communities deserve resolution, and if possible, an opportunity for closure.”

“We are committed to identifying the people who are responsible for taking another person’s life. Identifying them is a critical step in a path toward justice, she added.” 

On the website, anyone can share anonymous information to help solve unsolved homicides. states that a “standing cash reward of up to $20,000 is given for essential information leading to the arrest and conviction of a person or people who committed a murder in Philadelphia.”

The website allows people to submit written details, videos, recordings, photos, and documents that could help aid in finding the killer. 

Additionally, besides just providing the tips, the website will allow the victim’s family and friends to post information about their loved ones by signing an online form.  

Deputy Police Commissioner Dennis Wilson said at a press conference that, “The families of the victims are going to be a part of this website,”

Additionally, Wilson added, “They’re given an opportunity to submit photos and a message about their loved ones, a reflection.”

At the moment, the site is focused on solving unsolved cases from 2018 and 2019, Philly police are currently working on outreach to victim’s families from previous years. They are hoping to backfill the information as quickly as they can. 

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