Philly scanner goes viral as world watches Eagles fans celebrate Super Bowl

“I got about 2,000 college students coming from Walnut Street.”

“It’s endless, chief.”

“We have a large crowd throwing bottles and chanting Meek Mill.”

“We have multiple people on Broad Street swinging on light poles.”

These and other live police reports, via the Philadelphia Police Department’s scanner, which can be listened to online by the public, went viral on Twitter after the Super Bowl as online spectators listened in to track the widely hyped festivities of Philadelphia fans.

Eagles fans’ unruly and passionate celebrations, including climbing traffic poles, have attracted national attention, and the above reports were collected by Slate

“#Phillyscanner” started trending on Twitter as more and more crazy reports came in from people listening in on the scanner (including some decidedly fictitious reports from trolls trying to hijack the hashtag for amusement or to offend).

Below, see some of the best tweets of statements reportedly heard on the Philly police radio scanner after Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4, as thousands of Eagles fans marched and celebrated in the streets and across the city three arrests were reported and lots of vandalism, including traffic signals being knocked down, the Ritz-Carlton’s awning being toppled and Macy’s display windows in Center City being smashed. 

Below see some of the best #Phillyscanner tweets.

The Philly police scanner is amazing right now. “I do not know how the crowd coming up 676 got onto 676”

Overheard on Philly police scanner: “10,000 college students heading downtown to the museum.”

“They’re trying to tear multiple lightposts done and I don’t have anyone to stop them.” #PhillyScanner

bro in custody going with “I’m an off duty cop.” ???#PhillyScanner

— brooke clay (@ruralgoneurban) February 5, 2018

bro in custody going with “I’m an off duty cop.”  #PhillyScanner

Now they’re lighting Christmas trees on fire. Only Philly still got their Christmas trees up. #phillyscanner

#PhillyScanner sound bites thus far: “Hundreds heading to the street on foot.” “Do you have enough resources down there?” “It appears the whole campus is going to empty out and head towards center city” “Confiscate all bottles and cans.”

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