Philly voters came out in force for Tom Wolf

Charles Mostoller

Tom Wolf’s election Tuesday night seemed like a foregone conclusion at the polls Tuesday in Philadelphia, where voters were overwhelmingly in support of Wolf and opposed to Corbett.

“We are done with Tom Corbett,” said Rod Clay, getting ready to vote in Brewerytown. “Every time you turn around he’s shutting down a program, a service, a school.”
Most voters named schools as the most important political issue.
“I thought Corbett wasn’t doing his job. When our schools are disrupted the way they are, you need to get him out of office,” said Shirley Easter.
“I’m sick of the things the Republicans have done,” said Margot Robinson. “A lot of that is on us. You’ve got to go out and vote.”
But others questioned whether Wolf will change anything in Harrisburg.
“I hope he gets in office, but once he’s in office, are we seeing a difference? Or is it gonna be the same old thing with a different face?” asked Michael Artist. “I won’t stop voting … but I question how much the public really influences the vote.”
One public school teacher voted for Wolf “to protect her job.” A woman on public assistance said she voted for Wolf “to get a job.”
“I have a lot of issues with how Corbett is running the state — just a lot of the things he stands for,” said Corinda Cook, in Brewerytown.
Doug Goetz said he voted for Wolf disapproves of the fact that Corbett does not impose any extraction or excise tax on gas fracked from the Marcellus shale.
“Corbett has done an awful job as far as school,” said Myra Adams, whose children live outside the city solely to can attend school there. “I would be willing to pay more taxes if it was going to schools.”
Republican 14th Ward Leader Steve Nasevich said he supported Corbett, but acknowledged, “It’s beyond an uphill battle.”

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