Philly’s Wings introduces new mascot Wingston


It’s anyone’s guess what kind of creature Wingston is! But nonetheless, he has received a warm reception since being introduced by Philly’s National Lacrosse League, Wings, as their official mascot.

On Friday, the team welcomed the large bird-like mascot with fire-engine red and yellow fur as their newest team member at the Friends Select School in Center City. The special event introduced Wingston to 300 plus students who all fell in love with the mascot whose head swivels.

The Wings have since released a statement for fans, sharing all the details of their new furry friend.

Wingston’s nearly 7-foot frame is covered in soft golden fur with a feathery tuft of fire-engine-red lax flow on the top of his head that swoops from side to side while he makes diving plays at the net. Wingston boasts golden wings on either side of his delightfully oversized head. Dotted with three large jewels, Wingston’s tail is his defining feature. The presence of the red, black and silver jewels is in homage to the Wings rich history, representing the three reincarnations of the team, dating back to 1974.”

“Dressed in his signature black, charcoal and red Wings jersey, game shorts and sneakers, Wingston is always ready for a catch or to take shots on net. Wingston represents Philadelphia well, sporting no. “215” on the back of his jersey. His unique ability to spin his head 360 degrees around gives him an advantage over the competition, allowing him to see the game from every angle.”

Wingston’s official debut

Wingston is scheduled to make his official debut when the Wings compete against the Buffalo Bandits in their home opener at the Wells Fargo Center on December 15 at 1 p.m.

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