Phils could pull trigger for corner outfielder

Ruben Amaro has filled a number of needs. Mike Adams is the new set-up man. Michael Young will play third. John Lannan looks to take over Vance Worley’s spot in the rotation and the Phillies hope Ben Revere will resemble a young Juan Pierre in center field.

But the Phillies need an infusion of power from a corner outfielder. Will the Phillies stand pat and hope that Darin Ruf and/or Domonic Brown drive the ball with consistency next season or will Amaro make a deal?

During his post-mortem press conference, Amaro admitted that he wasn’t that impressed with the flock of free agent outfielders and that a trade might be the best answer.

Problem is, the Phillies don’t have many chips left. Could they start the season with their current personnel?

“It’s very possible that we have the answers internally,” Amaro said. “I feel comfortable with the way our club is today.”

Amaro added that there is still plenty of time to add to the club.

“If there is a way to improve it and not just marginally, we’ll try to do that,” Amaro said. “We’re still trolling through the possibility of adding another piece there,” Amaro said. “We’re also considering the possibility of a double platoon. A lot of it depends on how we feel about the combination of players in the corners.”

Don’t be surprised if Amaro goes under the radar and signs Lance Berkman to help add some pop. Amaro has been patient so far and he may wait it out for a good situation. Amaro, like any good shopper, knows that the some of the best deals are after Christmas.

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