PHOTO: Bra and panties yarnbombed onto Frank Rizzo statue

Prolific Philadelphia street artist Ishknits yesterday yarnbombed the Municipal Services Plaza’s statue of former mayor Frank Rizzo invited Streets Deptblogger Conrad Benner along to document her excursion.

The 15th Street and JFK Boulevard statue of the infamously tough politician, who also served as police commissioner, was adorned with a pink bra top and thong panties, but Benner said the decor only lasted for about three minutes until security took it down.

“Not totally surprising, but a bit of a bummer nonetheless, if only because it was attracting so much attention and getting so so so many people to smile and laugh and talk to each other,” Benner wrote of the swift removal. “Which, I’m sure, doesn’t happen too often on people’s normal daily morning commutes.”

For more on the outing, including additional photos, visit Streets Dept.

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