PHOTOS AND TUBE: Ladies of Lingerie Football League stage PETA protest outside The Gallery

Members of the Lingerie Football League’s Philadelphia Passion were
outside The Gallery in Center City this afternoon to raise awareness
about animal cruelty.

“PETA teamed up with the football league for a campaign to expose
cruelty on fur farms,” Katie Arth of PETA said. “Most people have no
idea animals are beaten to death, have their necks broken. … This is a
fun way to put out the information to the public.”

Tube By Rikard Larma/Metro

PETA is teaming up with the Lingerie Football League in cities across the continent and has already staged similar demonstrations in Chicago, Seattle and Toronto. A crowd of fans and curious onlookers gathered at 9th and Market streets as the athletes waved signs and chanted in their team uniforms – bras and boy shorts.

Many were impressed by the display of support, but a few of the bystanders felt the demonstration wasn’t driving the message home. “It’s a little distracting from the cause of killing animals,” Raymond Zigler said as he watched the girls. “They’re dressed skimpy – practically nude – and that sends more of an X-rated message as opposed to the one related to animal cruelty.”

Shock and awe

PETA has become known for using shock tactics and media stunts when it comes to raising awareness. Posing for the nonprofits’ “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign became a cause celebre when it was introduced in 2009.

PETA most recently made local headlines when it donated six months’ worth of toilet paper printed with a message about fecal matter contaminating meat to the city of Trenton. Municipal buildings were facing a paper shortage after a budget dispute with City Council led the body to deny authorization for the funds.

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