Photos: big, peaceful turnout at #PhillyIsBaltimore

With a heavy police presence and news helicopters looming over head, hundreds, maybe thousands of people turned out to protest police violence and to show support for protesters in Baltimore.

Protesters held signs reading “Black Lives Matter,” as the crowd chanted “No justice, No Peace, no racist police.”

The protest comes as the city of Baltimore is cleaning up from devastating riots over the death of Freddie Gray, 25, whose spine was severed after his arrest by police in that city. Investigators on Tuesday turned the findings of their investigation over to prosecutors.

In Philly, that news was met with mistrust, as the crowd chanted “Tell the truth and stop the lies. Freddie Gray didn’t have to die.”

“We have police and prosecutors who hate people,” said Ed O’Donnell at the protest. “We need people in the criminal justice system who are more loving.”

After gathering in Dilworth Park, the protesters broke up into two groups which marched through the streets of Center City.

Protesters moved toward accessing I-676, but turned back after being blocked by a barricade of motorcycle police.

Protests are continuing now. Follow Dan Kelley on Twitter for updates.

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