PHOTOS: Redcrest Fried Chicken Opening

On Feb. 1, East Passyunk got a hot new restaurant for foodies to salivate over — Redcrest Fried Chicken.

Located at 1525 S. 11th St., at the intersection of East Passyunk, Cross and 11th streets, the 1,000 square foot fast casual restaurant features two kinds of fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, popcorn chicken (squee!), whole wings, side dishes, buttermilk soft serve ice cream, sundaes and other desserts.

Take a seat at one of their eight stools for dining inside, and when the weather gets a little warmer, look forward to seating being added for dining al fresco.

Chef Adam Volk is the mastermind behind Redcrest Fried Chicken, and recently moved back to the Philadelphia area from New York City with his wife Emily and their two children.

Why fried chicken? Volk says, “I like fried chicken, a lot. If asked one of my favorite food or preferred meals, it would always be fried chicken. I wanted to share that love with a larger audience and focus on one product and really do it well.” He adds, “I also wanted to stop commuting to New York for work, and relocated to Philadelphia. I couldn’t see opening a full-service restaurant here right now, so the idea for Redcrest Fried Chicken was born.”

Volk decided on East Passyunk as the location for his restaurant because of his love for the neighborhood.

“Even before moving back I would spend lots of time in Philadelphia, and we realized that as a family, most of that time was on the Avenue,” Volk says. “I’ve always thought it was an exciting scene, and I have watched closely how it has flourished over the last several years. I wanted to be part of that excitement and energy.”

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