PHOTOS: WWE star John Cena in car crash in Philadelphia

John Cena, the good guy and megastar of World Wrestling Entertainment fame, has reportedly been in a two-vehicle crash today while traveling from a television talk show appearance in Center City, according to WWE’s website.

“I’ve been in plenty of car wrecks before,” the former WWE champion told the web site. “I’m in one piece and I can still do battle with The World’s Strongest Man tonight.”

Cena’s driver, Jules Anderson, told WWE that the accident occurred around 11:30 a.m., when Cena’s vehicle was traveling east on Interstate 76. The SUV sustained damage in the rear, according to Anderson, who added that Cena was on a phone meeting at the time of the collision.

Cena, a 12-time champion of the longrunning wrestling organization, also may have helped keep the peace at the scene of the crash. After the chain crash that reportedly involved a tractor trailer truck, a small car and Cena’s SUV, drivers became agitated, according to the WWE report. But Cena’s presence — as is often the case in the ring — kept things from getting out of hand.

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