Pitbulls, bunnies rescued from abusive Chesco hell hole

Animals rescued from a Coatesville home believed to have links to illegal dogfighting are now in recovery, a rescue group said. 

Six pit bulls and four rabbits were rescued from the Coatesville home in Chester County, the Brandywine Valley SPCA announced, where police found “dogfighting paraphernalia,” including multiple dog treadmills and medical supplies for dogs “affiliated with training and treatment.”

“It is beyond comprehension that animals could be forced to suffer like this for entertainment,” said BVSPCA executive director Adam Lamb in a statement.“We’re grateful for the diligence of the State Police in pursuing this case, and we’ll support them in every way possible to find justice for these animals and prevent future suffering.” 

Dowayne Molina, 39, is now charged with animal cruelty, as well as possession of drugs and a gun due to cocaine, marijuana, and a handgun allegedly discovered inside his home.

The raid stemmed from a Nov. 12 traffic stop of Molina’s car in Avondale by Pennsylvania State Police, who observed a badly injured pitbull in the car, which Molina said was a stray. 

The dog had wounds that appeared to be bite marks, according to BVSPCA veterinarians.

The dog, later named Nibbles, was surrendered to the BVSPCA, where her injuries, including “extensive and recent wounds on her face, legs and chest” were identified as consistent with bite marks from potential dogfighting and treated.

That discovery led to a deepening investigation, culminating in the Feb. 21 seizure of animals from Molina’s home and his arrest. 

Of the other animals, the rabbits were in slightly worse condition than the dogs, the BVSPCA said.

“BVSPCA medical staff assessed the dogs to be in fair condition and the rabbits to be in poor condition related to inadequate housing and lack of food and water,” they said.

The dogs were seized as evidence in the case against Molina, they added.

Nibbles “required two months of medical care, including reconstructive surgeries for her jaw and several surgeries to treat her wounds” to recover, the BVSPCA said.

Nibbles has since been fostered by a BVSPCA surgical technician and is currently available for adoption.

The BVSPCA is asking animal lovers to donate to help cover the cost of caring for the injured and neglected animals. Visit BVSPCA.org to learn more. 

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