Playing the Field: Athletes singing Christmas songs

Earlier this week, Kobe Bryant put the finishing touches on that statue that will reside outside the Staples Center when he became just the fifth player to notch 30,000 career points. On Thursday, he and his teammates went to see the movie, “Lincoln.” Apparently, they were expecting a different ending.

From ESPN’s Dave McMenamin: “Kobe on the team’s viewing of “Lincoln”: “I don’t know if the guys knew who he was … It came as a big shock to them when he was killed”

Look, we’re not pointing any fingers (Pau Gasol gets a pass since he’s foreign) but this is sad, sad news. Maybe they should trade for DeShawn Stevenson and let him drop some knowledge.

Christmas in the air

Yes, that glorious time of year is upon us again. The time when local radio stations shut down normal programming in favor of 24/7 Christmas music. Expect to hear plenty of Nat King Cole, Mariah Carey, Darlene Love and … DMX?! Yes, sir. DMX is belting out Christmas ballads with the best of them.

Which got us thinking about athletes believing they are awesome (terrible?) musicians. Remember, Shaq’s rap career? How about Allen Iverson’s? Or the tender melodies weaved by Terry Bradshaw?

But nobody does Christmas like the Chicago Bulls. Joakim Noah in a Santa suit — he kind of looks like the Grinch — and Carlos Boozer shouting, “Four pick and rolls!”

Gold, Jerry, gold. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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