Police arrest 13 in prostitution raid at Downtowners mummer’s club

Eleven people have been charged with prostitution after police raided a Mummer’s club and found naked and partially clothed women last night in South Philadelphia.

Authorities said the bust was the result of an anonymous tip received six weeks ago informing officers that the club was used for prostitution on the second Tuesday of every month. Undercover officers entered the Downtowners Club at Second Street and Snyder Avenue around 7:30 p.m. and were solicited for sex by 10 women, reports said.

Authorities said approximately 50 people were inside the club at the time, and that sex acts were being performed out in the open. Ten women were arrested and charged with prostitution, one man was charged with promoting prostitution and two other men were charged with illegal alcohol sales, bringing the total number of arrests to 13.

Police did not immediately release the names of those charged. Deputy Commissioner William Blackburn and Citywide Vice Lt. Charles Green will talk more about the investigation at an afternoon press conference.

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