Police Cruiser Collides with Car, Crashes into Side of House

A police cruiser collided with another car, then ran through a fence and struck a house yesterday afternoon in Logan.

The police car, which was responding to an assist with lights and sirens, collided with the vehicle shortly before 2 p.m. on the 600 block of West Lindley Avenue, then careened through a fence and hit the side of a house.

Two officers were taken to Einstein, where they are in good condition and are expected to be treated and released. A man and woman driving in the second car were hospitalized at Temple, where they remain in unknown condition.

The occupants of the house were uninjured. L&I will inspect the property for structural damage.

It is still undetermined whether the police car struck the other car or vice versa. According to a police spokeswoman, a witness said that the civilian car may have disregarded a stop sign.

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