Police find chemical device in ‘clandestine laboratory’ in Manayunk

Police officers discovered a “bucket of chemicals” with a timer attached to it, in what law enforcement officials called a “clandestine laboratory” in Manayunk on Tuesday.

The incident has been “deemed to be non-criminal in nature,” a police spokesman said, but the police department’s Homeland Security unit is still investigating.

The chemicals were discoverd around 7:09 p.m. on Tuesday, when officers in the city’s 5th police district were flagged down in reference to a suspicious object at a home along the 200 block of Roxborough Avenue in Manayunk.

At that location, law enforcement officials said, the officers discovered a bucket full of “chemicals” with a timer attached to it.

According to the police, the fire board responded to the site and determined the bucket “was in the making of a clandestine laboratory.”

Police have not commented on what the chemicals were.

No injuries were reported.

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