Police: Five molotov cocktails thrown at murder witness’ Frankford home

Police are investigating an attempted firebombing at the same Frankford home where a city corrections officer was injured two weeks ago in a shooting that killed his stepson.

Five bottles, which police said may have contained gasoline, were lobbed at the residence around 5:30 am. Saturday. One smashed through the front window, a second was found broken next to the house and three more were discovered intact in an adjacent lot.

Though three adults were at home at the time, none of the bottles ignited and no one was injured.

Meanwhile, police on Saturday released information on a suspect wanted in connection with the May 20 shooting in which Victor Guzman, 49, was shot while attempting to shield stepson Edward Pagan, 25, from a hail of bullets. The incident was reportedly sparked by an argument over cigarettes that ballooned as other nearby residents became involved.

Homicide detectives issued a warrant for Jalil Cooper, 20, of the 4200 block of Penn Street, less than a half mile away from the victims’ home.

Cooper has a sizable rap sheet, racking up four arrests since he turned 18 two years ago. He was on bail when the shooting occurred, awaiting trial after being arrested in November for reckless endangerment and fleeing a police officer, court documents show.

Cooper was freed after posting bail in that case despite the fact that he was on probation at the time for carrying an unlicensed firearm, an offense for which he did six months of jail time in 2010 and was court-ordered to complete community service and attend a gun education program. His trial for the November arrest is scheduled for tomorrow.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the Homicide Unit at 215-686-3334 or 215-686-3335 or to call 911.

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