Police: Man gave 10-year-old son bat, told him to ‘take out’ another 10-year-old

A York County father is facing criminal charges for allegedly giving his young son a metal bat as the child was fighting with another boy and instructing him to use it, according to a report from Fox43.

Jason Chittum, 33, has been charged with corruption of minors and reckless endangerment for the incident on Sept. 16. Police said that as Chittum’s 10-year-old son was fighting with a neighbor, also 10, Chittum tossed a metal bat to the child and told him to “take out” his opponent. The son allegedly hit the other boy, causing minor injuries.

Chittum defended himself on Fox43 this morning, claiming that the neighbor had earlier in the day struck his son in the throat with a mop handle. He denied telling his son to “take out” the child – he said he only told him to hit him once.

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