Police seek man who climbed City Hall tower in video stunt

The Philadelphia police are hoping to talk to the man who filmed himself climbing scaffolding atop City Hall and then posted the video online.

The video is available here:

But, according to Capt. Sekou Kinebrew, a spokesperson for the police, no charges are pending against the man at this time. Though, he said, it might be considered trespassing.

“What might seem adventurous…is actually very dangerous,” said Kinebrew. “We certainly, strongly discourage this kind of behavior.”

The seven-minute video was posted Monday to a Youtube page called “Exploring with Carson” and, during a news conference held Tuesday afternoon, Kinebrew said police had not yet identified the individual who shot the footage.

Also, Kinebrew said, the scaffolding that the man climbed on the tower was removed on July 21, so the video must be several weeks old.

However, according to CBS Philly, the individual that shot the video is named Carson King, and he claims there were no “no trespassing” signs in sight when he stepped out onto the scaffolding 500 feet above street level.

And while Kinebrew said he didn’t believe that any damage was done to City Hall during the filmed excursion, he said that there is an ongoing investigation to determine if charges will be filed.

“It appears that it’s illegal,” said the police captain.

Kinebrew said that he hopes the man who filmed the video comes in to talk to the police about the footage. 

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