Poll: Half of New Jersey residents don’t believe in evolution

Nearly half of New Jersey residents don’t believe in evolution, according to results of a poll from Monmouth University and the Asbury Park press released today.

Forty-two percent of respondents said they don’t agree with the theory that humans developed from more primitive forms of life – almost as many as those who believe in astrology, 38 percent – while 7 percent said they don’t know if they thought evolution was valid. The number is actually down two percent from a similar questionnaire conducted 12 years ago by the Eagleton-Rutgers poll, according to the report.

The poll, which was conducted via 804 telephone interviews between April 11 and April 15, also revealed that 64 percent of residents believe in life after death and 49 percent believe in life on other planets.

The report points out that education is a significant factor in beliefs – 69 percent of New Jersey college graduates believe in evolution, compared to 52 percent with some college education and 37 percent who never attended.

Political persuasion also seems to have some effect, as 49 percent of New Jersey Republicans don’t believe in evolution, while 41 percent of the state’s Independents and 39 percent of its Democrats doubt the theory.

[h/t My Central Jersey.com]

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