Pooping cabbie faces more penalties for indiscretion

It just keeps getting worse for the Philadelphia cab driver who was caught on videotape pooping on a sidewalk.

The YouTube video of the Freedom Taxi driver’s indiscretion on the 1800 block of Bainbridge Street went viral last week and reportedly cost him his job. The Philadelphia Parking Authority, which regulates cabs in the city, will have a hearing today to determine if the driver will lose his operator’s license.

“This behavior is totally outrageous and totally unacceptable,” PPA spokesman Marty O’Rourke said last week.

PPA had suspended the driver, whose name was not released, pending an investigation. He could also face a fine between $350 and $1,000.

Meanwhile, the homeowner whose camera caught the lewd act claims Freedom Taxi still hasn’t properly cleaned the sidewalk.

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