Pop-Up Walking Tours of Historic Philadelphia inspired by the 2016 DNC

One look at Phil Moore’s T-shirt says it all. He’s a fan of Hillary Clinton. Actually, he’s really into designer Marc Jacobs, but it’s hard to argue when you have the presumptive Democratic nominee’s face on your chest.

Phil’s busy dishing out facts on the new pop-up tour I’m With Her: Hillary Clinton and Philly’s Founding Women. Created specifically for the DNC by Philly Tour Hub, the tour gives insight to other prominent women who weren’t allowing society’s ideals to define them — Betsy Ross, Lucretia Mott, Maria Reynolds (anyone a fan of “Hamilton”?) and Dolly Todd Madison, to name a few.

Of course, if you’re still with Team Bernie, then you wouldn’t mind staying to your left… turns that is for their other themed walk, Feel the Bern: Bernie Sanders and Philly’s Revolutionaries tour. Set to all left turns, guests will be led through Historic Philadelphia to see “Bernie-esque” themes such as a house of worship where the 1 percent prayed with the other 99 percent, a working-class colonial home and plenty of “big banks.”

No matter whose team you rally behind, you’re sure to see Philadelphia in a whole new light. Time to make history again.

If you go:
DNC Themed Pop-Up Walking Tours
Daily: July 21-31
Hillary Walking Tour, 10:00 a.m.
Bernie Walking Tour, 1:30 p.m.

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