Pope ticket scalpers break silence

Wonder how someone selling tickets to see the Holy Father that were originally free for hundreds of dollars sleeps at night?

Like a baby.

CityPaper reporter Emily Guendelsberger tracked down several Craigslist scalpers selling tickets to see Pope Francis during the World Meeting of Families, which is illegal, and spoke to them about why they’re doing it.

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Here’s one what scalper named Rick had to say for himself:

What was the price?

Saturday is $350, Sunday’s $1500.


Have many people been in touch about the tickets?

I’ve had a few, and I’ve had a few who weren’t really happy that I was selling them. I had a little hostility.

What did they say?

Well, you know, the nicer ones said I should be ashamed of myself, and I was called the scum of the earth, so… you know. It’s anonymity. On the Internet you can say anything to anyone at any time, so that’s fine. I didn’t have anyone physically threaten me or track me down, so.

Read the rest at CityPaper.

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