Port Authority Commissioner resigns after video emerges of rant at police

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Commissioner Caren Turner resigned this week after a video emerged that showed her going ballistic on police officers who pulled over a car her daughter was riding in. Turner also boasted of her political influence to Tenafly Police Department officers, likely not knowing the entire rant was captured on dashcam video.

Turner showed up on the side of the road on March 31 after a car her daughter was riding in was pulled over by Tenafly police officers for reportedly having tinted windows and a partly obscured license plate. Officers determined they would have to impound the vehicle due to its registration being out of date and the driver lacking insurance.

As seen on video, the driver, an unidentified male, takes the news calmly. But Turner drives up shortly afterward and verbally assaults the officers with a barrage of questions while identifying herself as “the commissioner of the Port Authority” and “heading up over 4,000 police officers.”

“You may shut the f— up!” she tells officers at one point, accusing one of having “a smug-ass look on your face” and telling them “This isn’t going to go down nicely.”

She boasts that she is “friends with the mayor” and claims the people in the vehicle with her daughter are “PhD students at MIT and Yale.”

She resigned her post as Ethics Commissioner at the Port Authority on April 20 after dashcam video of the incident surfaced. A Port Authority spokesman said Turner clearly violated the Port Authority’s ethics policies.

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