Positano Coast now serving spaghetti straws with cocktails

Positano Coast is now using spaghetti straws for their cocktails
Positano Coast

It seems that everywhere now is trying to be a little more environmentally friendly, and for good reason. All around the world, many places are trying out experimental, new ways to keep the focus on trying to be eco-conscious. The latest Philly establishment to join the environmental movement is Old City hotspot Positano Coast. The Italian restaurant and wine bar is reducing their use of plastic, but in a way you may not expect.

According to a release, with so many restaurants moving on from plastic straws and other utensils due to environmental concerns, Positano Coast wanted to follow suit, but they received negative feedback regarding the paper straws which many customers claim get too soggy towards the end a drink. Instead, Positano Coast has introduced pasta straws, something which Rosita Lamberti, one of the restaurant’s partners, was exposed to when she was in Italy recently.

Pasta straws? Yes, they are exactly as you would think.

“The utilization of pasta, specifically bucatini, has become a huge trend in Italy, and it really made me think that this could be a cool and environmentally-safe alternative to plastic,” said Lamberti, one of the restaurant’s partners, in the release. “They are cost-effective, biodegradable, they don’t get soggy, and they work really well with most cocktails. The moment I saw it, I thought this was a no-brainer, and we decided to start offering these to our guests.”

Lamberti decided to bring the ingenious idea from Italy back to the states after her recent trip there. Reportedly, the pasta straws work best mainly in cocktails, as they dissolve faster in water or carbonated soft drinks, so the restaurant will continue to offer paper straws for most of their other soft drink options.

Philadelphians can try out the new carb-filled invention in one of Positano Coast’s cocktails — they have a delicious array of choices including an Aperol Spritz, Red Sangria, their Positano Lemon Drop and a featured rotating cocktail every week.

To learn more information on Positano Coast, visit positanocoast.net

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