Proud Super Bowl vandals caught on camera now wanted by cops

The Philadelphia Police Department is holding true to its vow to bust the small percentage of Eagles fans celebrating the Super Bowl who chose to create mayhem.

“I’m stealing it!” shouts one apparently intoxicated blonde woman holding a ripped-out traffic light, who is now sought by police. The incident was caught on newly released video, and police said it shows one of several instances of blatant vandalism near Market and Juniper streets on Feb. 4.

Another video shows a man wearing a Torrey Smith #82 Eagles jersey and holding a countdown walk sign, smiling to the camera as he says, “We’re gonna tear this city apart!”

More video, also released Tuesday by police, showed fans carrying traffic poles and ripping down a Center City District map during post-Super Bowl celebrations on Feb. 4 after the Eagles bested the Patriots, 41-33.

Suspects are also sought for standing on and seriously damaging a car during the Eagles’ Feb. 8 Super Bowl parade.

The car, a 1985 white Chevrolet Corvette, was left parked at Pennsylvania Avenue and Judson Street across the block from Eakins Oval.

“When she returned, she noticed her vehicle had extensive body damage to the hood and roof area,” a police report stated. “Video and photographs later surfaced showing numerous people standing and jumping on top of the complainant’s vehicle.”

As the police department stated last week after announcing the arrests of eight men involved in various post-Super Bowl crimes, “We will continue to arrest individuals who committed crimes after the big game. If you were involved — turn yourself in now. If you think you might ‘get away with it’ — you will not. We will not forget — we will not stop.”

Tipsters: contact Central Detectives Division at 215-686-3047/8. 

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